Plush Cat D.I.Y.

What’s as cute as a cat but doesn’t throw up hairballs?

A cat pillow, duh!


I’m moving this weekend and currently have home decor on the brain. I was inspired by a few different quirky DIY pillows I saw online, one of them being this happy little apple and another being these adorable foxes.

bed main pic

bed fade

Although I’m a tad obsessed with those foxes I wanted to make this project my own. The animal choice for me was a no- brainer. It’s no secret that I ❤ kittehs.

Supplies needed: 1-2 feet square of soft fabric (I used an old sweater) plus 4 other colors of fabric for details, stuffing, scissors, sewing machine, and needle & thread.

1. Cut out all shapes. I eyeballed these outlines and got a very “handmade” look. 2. Hand sew all the parts of the eyes together as well as the rest of the face. 3. Stitch a lil cat mouth. 4. Break out the sewing machine! Turn the pillow inside out and sew along the border, leaving an opening for stuffing. 5. Flip it the right way around and stuff your new fwiend. 6. Hand stitch the rest closed. Donezo!

DSC_0002DSC_0008DSC_0014  DSC_0019 DSC_00021 DSC_00082

Every space could use a pop of cat, amiright?


xx Katie


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