Coconut Oil… Exposed.


Ahh coconut oil. If you’re not already using it as a main beauty product, you might want to get on that.

I started adding coconut oil into my daily routine a couple of months ago when I realized I didn’t like the idea of using anything with chemicals on my face. I found a simple recipe online for a face scrub consisting of coconut oil and baking soda (pictured, my small jar). This face wash had me at hello. I was sold mostly due to the facts that it is completely natural and organic, cruelty free, it exfoliates, and keeps skin moisturized with out looking oily like it used to when I was using generic store- bought cleansers.

After more googling and testing it out I am now pleased to say that plain old coconut oil is my favorite product to use as a moisturizer, lip balm, leave in conditioner, and as I have most recently discovered, sunscreen. I love that its so versatile and affordable!

For a (little too) thorough list of uses for coconut oil, see here. The fact that this substance is so incredible for your body inside and out makes me feel like it’s a gift from ze gods!


It may look a little crusty, but this is the good stuff. Trust.


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