Juicing with Ginger


Fresh juice, I love thee. It’s refreshing, nutrient- dense, savory & sweet. Juice is all around great for the body and mind and there is nothing better than making it yourself!

My ingredients today:

  • pink lady apples
  • carrots
  • celery stalks
  • cherry tomatoes
  • piece of ginger —> crucial.


My juicer’s spout is quite low, which means I can only use short cups.

A happy accidental ombre occurred on the left: apple & carrot

On the right: celery, tomato, ginger.


My favorite ingredient to use in my juices is definitely ginger. When it runs through the machine, my whole kitchen is instantly filled with its incredible aroma that leaves me feeling invigorated.


Besides the fact that it smells and tastes amazing, ginger is also incredibly nutritious. It is known for it’s stomach soothing and immune boosting abilities. There are other benefits to ginger as well, such as its anti- inflammatory and anti- cancer properties.


What are your favorite ingredients to juice with?

xx Katie


8 responses to “Juicing with Ginger

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  2. yes if you check out my blog there’s one on the health benefits of ginger, a range of abstracts from scientific papers, and a ref to greenmedinfo, the source. – some interesting stuff there.

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