Day 13

So I’ve been pretty bad at documenting my Challenge experience thus far, but that changes now (perhaps)!

I can’t believe I’ve taken 13 classes in 13 days! I’ve always taken a day or two off because I thought I needed to but I feel great and more in love with my practice than ever. According to a friend who just finished 30 days, the fun ends here…uh oh.

There was a class last week that I normally would have skipped. I went out to lunch and when I came back, there was pizza… and cake! Happy day! Normally I would go to town and skip class (for fear of feeling miserable) but that day I went to town and then waddled my ass to class…and it was ok! I did look like I was with child, but I just set my mat up behind some big tall guy…thanks really tall guy! I had a beautiful class, it was wild.

The curious thing about this is that there have been days where I am certain I will have an amazing class. The kind of day where I’ve eaten enough kale to choke a horse AND not had any of the office crack candy.  Not that eating Chipotle, pizza and cake in the same day is good for anyone, but I’m glad I didn’t throw the day away because of a few interesting choices.

Times like this show me not to underestimate (or overestimate) myself. It’s so important to practice with an open mind and absolutely no expectations.

Tonight I took it easy and went to a shoulder opening work-shop. It was so much fun and I learned some great stretches!


Standing Bow at Great Falls – working on getting my body down lower!



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