Cultural Consumption: 5 Good Reads This week

Happy Sunday guys!

Picture via Flickr Creative Commons

Picture via Flickr Creative Commons

So, Chai & Chats is a blog we’ve started to explore and figure out our passions. We all draw inspiration from different places. Here are 5 articles that I read this week on topics from design to business. I love the interwebs because it always helps me stay inspired. There’s a ton of great things to read/listen to, and not enough time to devour it all!

Check out the links below and let me know what you think:

  1. Timothy Goodman interview on The Great Discontent: as an aspiring graphic designer, I love checking out the work of successful designers today. I found out about Tim Goodman from the virally popular 40 Days of Dating — a crazy experiment he did with fellow designer Jessica Walsh (who also has an interesting interview on TGD!). That’s all I’ll say — this was a really good read with insight into the motivation to go freelance and how to make it in the world of graphic design on your own terms. The Great Discontent is such an awesome resource of very cool, in depth articles–which I always love reading for inspiration & insight.
  2. The Importance of Company Culture: so, since I’m interested in design, I love to read up on companies in the design field. HUGE inc. is a leading digital design agency based in Brooklyn, and the work they do has been catching the attention of a lot of people. Fast Company did a little feature on what has made them so successful. Hint: they value company culture. That’s what’s up–goes to show, if you value people you work with, you’ll reap the benefits. If only all companies realized this, amirite?!?!
  3. Rachel Brathen interview on The Clymb: does anyone else follow/love yoga_girl on instagram? She’s become an insta-phenomenon, and for good reason. As a yoga teacher living happily in Aruba, her posts are both inspiring and incredibly deep because she always shares life advice that hits the nail on the head. This interview shows a bit of how real she is, and gets to the heart of what drives her practice. I loved reading this.
  4. Brain Pickings: Why Grit, Not IQ, Predicts Success: I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for psychological analysis. I’m a nerd. And Brain Pickings never fails to deliver on that front. If you’re looking for inspiration at all, check that blog out. This article made me happy — you don’t have to have superhuman genius to achieve great success, you just have to work your ass off. Word to that.
  5. TED Talk: How to Build Your Creative Confidence: Another psychological one that’s cooler than self help, but has the same goal. The title says it all. I know this isn’t an article, but I love TED Talks and this one was particularly good. Once again, there’s a lot of naysayers in the world who may say you’re not creative enough, but ignore them, and have confidence in yourself anyways. (sorry, that was very self-helpy, but true!)

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

Cheers xx Fareeha


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