Vegetable Healing Soup

This time of year can be tough on our physical & mental health. Whether from allergies, the changing of the seasons, a bad hangover, or the winter blues, we tend to be more susceptible to getting sick. (ugh!).

Enter: a soup jam packed with vitamins & other nutrients. Just what we need!

image from Free People Blog.

image from Free People Blog.

green soup

lame iPhone pics!


Vegetable Healing Soup

I feel this soup has magical healing powers! It is also very easy from start to clean up. You could opt for making this soup raw, but I love the taste of lightly sautéed veggies.

One of the vital ingredients in this soup is turmeric. Not only does it add great flavor, turmeric also has a lovely calming effect on the body. It has so many wonderful health benefits including anti- oxidant properties, helps block cancer growth, and has anti- inflammatory capabilities. Read more about turmeric’s benefits here.

You Will Need:

- any vegetables, organic whenever possible, I had 
broccoli & zucchini on hand
- 2 cloves of garlic
- chunk of ginger (a favorite around here).
- organic turmeric
- salt & pepper to taste.
- tablespoon of EVOO


1. Put a small amount of olive oil in a small pot and set on low. Prep & slice your veggies.

2. Add your minced garlic and sliced ginger to the pot first to infuse the oil, then add zucchini.

3. Add broccoli for just a few minutes as to not overcook it and lose its nutrients. Top with a heavy dose of turmeric.

4. Transfer all ingredients into a high speed blender and add enough warm water to barely cover them. Blend on low, gradually increasing speed to medium/ high. Enjoy!


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