Inspiration Guide No. 1


Happy Tuesday, frenz. I want to do this new thing on here where we all post what’s been inspiring us lately.

The internet an amazing place where there’s always something absolutely bonkers/awesome going on. There’s so much access to all the things that can make your heart grow x1000, and might just be something that will be the creative spark you’ve been aching for.

So, in the name of sharing inspiration, rather than hoarding it for myself, let’s do this thang. Like Nas says it,

One Time Fo’ Yo Mind.

Inspiration Nation No. 1

File Under: Art

Finding a cool new designer to follow who’s art resonates with you and stirs something within your nimble little soul is like striking gold. It’s that good. The inspiration I get from a new art style goes a long way.

Enter: Jose Mendez.

jose mendez

I came across a fateful tweet by another cool designer I follow, Mike Harrison (@destill), who linked to his work. That’s some cool stuff, man. It’s nice to see the support within the community.

Mendez’s work is FRESH. It’s 90’s hip hop (my weakness), whimsical illustration, combined with colorful themes. His images exude joy and happiness, and also encompass layers of culture within it. Irreverent, but good enough to do so with a purpose.

I’m ’bout it ’bout it.


File Under: Music

What I’ve been listening to lately: the sweet syrupy goodness of Lake Street Dive.

You may remember, loyal reader(s) (all three of you!), that the band made an appearance on our Floyd Fest fave’s playlist. Yeah, they were there. Now they’re blowing up and doing a world tour! It’s so cool! Also, NPR recently did a special on them that put them back on my radar. Now, I can’t get enough.

That jazz, them vocals, that cot damn soul! It’s beautiful.

My top favorite songs: “You Go Down Smooth” and this fantastic rendition of “I Want You Back” that got them YouTube famous and put them on the map.


File Under: Art, Instagram

Instagram: my favorite social media.

I have a big appetite for visuals. I want to devour images all day, erry day. Instagram delivers the goods.

If you’re the same, follow Dylan C. Lathrop (dylanlathrop).

He’s also a designer, currently working at Vox Media. In his free time, though, he goes old school with pens, markers & paper to make simple yet gorgeous hand lettering.

It’s good stuff. Every day, his feed inspires me. His calligraphic side projects serve as a reminder that, no matter what level you’re at, it’s always great to get back to basics and just enjoyyyy. Let it flow. Create to create, with no client but your own mind.

Do you.


Now it’s your turn, internet. What has been inspiring you lately?



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